An African investment company embracing and realising unique investment opportunities through protecting and growing capital and people.

Africa is one of the greatest growth investment opportunities for investors.

Embracing opportunities in Africa

Hlayisani Capital is an empowered African investment manager with a rich heritage of leadership and investment experience through its founding partners. Hlayisani Capital aims to be a market leading and innovative private equity and venture capital investment manager in South Africa and Africa, positioned to unlock Africa’s unique investment opportunities.

Africa is one of the greatest growth investment opportunities for investors. Hlayisani is owned and managed by an experienced specialist investment and corporate finance team who is able to capture unique opportunities in order to deliver high returns through nimble and flexible investment strategies.

Hlayisani embraces its meaning which is to protect and guard and is founded on the following principles:

  • Akani meaning to build
  • Hlanganani meaning to come together
  • Nhlamulo meaning to provide an answer and response to a need

An Introduction

Hlayisani Capital believes that unlocking and uplifting South Africa, and Africa’s, future economic growth, diversity and inclusion potential relies on preserving, nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial talent of this exciting continent. Hlayisani Capital is a pre-eminent innovative private equity investment manager in South Africa and Africa, embracing the meaning of Hlayisani by realising unique investment opportunities through protecting, nurturing and developing its capital and people.

Africa and South Africa are an economic landscape with diverse opportunities ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to established global corporate ventures. The current Southern African Private Equity investment universe accounts for only approximately 0,1% of GDP in the region whilst the developed economies boast as high as 1% of GDP in Private Equity venture contribution to those economies. A key driver for growth is identifying the right opportunities and backing them with specialised knowledge, experience and skill, introducing them to the right networks and supporting this with the required funding to realise each growth opportunity.

The Hlayisani Growth Fund is focussed on mid-market, high growth private equity investments focussed on South Africa with an allowance for Sub-Saharan Africa and East African countries. 

The team believes there are unique investment growth opportunities in the SME ecosystem, with a strategic focus on the ICT and Manufacturing sectors by providing capital and strategic support to enterprises that operate within the agriculture, education, ICT, medical and manufacturing sectors, demonstrating out-of-the-ordinary deal flow and opportunity,  with a natural bias towards technological and manufacturing innovation.

The team has a strong track record in Private Equity and Venture Finance with unique access to proprietary deal flow capturing investment opportunities to deliver superior returns. Through their years of involvement in agriculture, education, manufacturing and ICT – both directly and as investment professionals – the Hlayisani team is uniquely experienced and placed to capture the high growth opportunities in order to deliver above average returns while delivering socially responsible and measurable impact.

The coming together of the experienced partners, a unique diversified return investment approach and opportunities available within the team’s network positions Hlayisani to provide investors with an ideal investment vehicle to take advantage and be part of the growth of the dynamic African continent.