Unique African investments coming together to respond to African opportunities realised through growing and protecting assets and people.

Investment Philosophy

Hlayisani’s investment philosophy is focussed on the acquisition of either significant minority or majority ownership stakes in market leading organisations that are high-growth and high-impact revenue generating private equity businesses. Hlayisani will seek to invest in companies with the following criteria:

  • Strong revenue growth and a significant client base;
  • Innovative business models with proven scalable technology in large markets and export potential;
  • Potential market leader / significant player in target sector and region;
  • Companies led by a strong management teams with operating experience;
  • Potential market leaders or a significant players in their target sector and region;
  • Business models with significant social economic impact without compromising profitability;
  • High growth or expansion stage, with a Southern African and East African focus;
  • Identifiable exit opportunities.

The Hlayisani is focussed on investing and growing private enterprises into globally competitive businesses able to unlock high growth opportunities in order to deliver above average returns for investors while delivering socially responsible and measurable impact. The Hlayisani team has a broad range of expertise and skills in specific industry sectors and also  specific insight into and understanding of the various stages of company growth from start-up to maturity being able to support entrepreneurs in identifying and implementing what is required to structure these businesses for large scale operations and success. The investment team has both executive and operational management experience spanning multiple industries enabling Hlayisani’s strategy to capitalise on these strengths to the benefit of entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders.